FCB Wall Boards

FCB Wall Boards are synonymous with hassle free and speedy wall solutions. FCB wall Boards are made using the revolutionary High Pressure Steam Curing Technology. This unique technology makes these boards’ completely moisture resistant, termite and fire resistant. These boards are ideal for residential, commercial and industrial usage.

FCB Wall boards in combination with different frameworks like timber, steel and aluminum, offer unique advanced dry wall constructions, which help in leveraging maximum space utilization along with substantial savings in time. FCB Wall boards offer Architects major flexibility of changing designs along with thermal and acoustic insulation. Besides being maintenance free and highly durable, FCB wall boards  provide both uniform gap/groove and monolithic joint less finish (using specially made bevel edged, PRS boards). These wall systems allow you to do the finishes with paints, veneers, wall papers, etc. In other words, FCB wall boards allow you to create a wall with finished of your choice